Update: Accessing Alliance Language Assistance Services During COVID-19


The Alliance is committed to delivering culturally and linguistically appropriate health care services to our diverse membership, especially during these unprecedented times.

We are excited to provide an update that our on-site face-to-face interpreting vendors for Santa Cruz and Monterey counties have resumed coordination of on-site face-to-face interpreting services for members accessing Alliance covered services (i.e. medical visits). This means that the Alliance will now begin coordinating services for on-site face-to-face interpreting for members residing within Santa Cruz and Monterey counties. There is no change to Merced County services as vendors have continued to provide on-site face-to-face interpreting services as usual.

Please ensure face-to-face interpreter requests are submitted to the Alliance within a timely manner for prior approval and to ensure timely coordination of service.

You can access our Face-to -Face Interpreter Service Form by visiting our webpage on the Provider website at https://www.ccah-alliance.org/cultural_linguistic.html.

As a friendly reminder, as we resume coordination of on-site face-to-face interpreting services, our 24/7 telephonic interpreter services and the California Relay Service (CRS) continue to be accessible for all our Limited English Proficiency and Deaf and/or Hard of Hearing members. We encourage our providers to continue to utilize our telephonic interpreting services and the CRS when communicating with our members. Please see details below.

Miembros Language Phone Number Access Code
Deaf and/or Hard of Hearing Members American Sign Language TTY: 7-1-1 No access code needed
Limited English Proficiency Members Foreign Languages (855) 469-5222 844038
Indigenous Languages (855) 662-5300 844039

Please contact your Provider Relations Representative at 831-430-5504 with any questions. If you experience any issues with accessing our language assistance services, please call the Health Education Line at 800-735-3864, ext. 5580.

Thank you for your continued commitment to our members during this time.