Use the Infant Wellness Map to remember your baby’s appointments



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Remembering your baby’s doctor appointments and vaccines can feel like a lot. We have a guide to make it easy. 

The new Infant Wellness Map shows you what your baby needs to be as healthy as possible. From birth to 12 months, the map shows you when it’s time for your baby’s well-child visits. You can also use the map to see when it’s time for your baby to get vaccinated.  

The map also shows you what your baby should be able to do throughout their first year. This helps make sure your baby is growing well.  

Vaccinations and well-child visits protect your baby’s health  

At well-child visits, your baby’s doctor will check their health and give them vaccines. During these visits, you can ask any questions you have about your baby’s health. Use the map to see questions you can ask your baby’s doctor.  

The map also has a vaccine schedule to show you which vaccinations your baby should get and when they should get them.  

It’s easy for babies to get very sick, even from the flu. That’s why vaccinating babies on time is so important.  

Vaccines can protect against:  

  • Blindness.  
  • Hearing loss. 
  • Brain damage.   
  • Death.  

Vaccinating your baby also keeps sicknesses from spreading. That helps keep others healthy, too. You can learn more about this on our “Why your child needs to keep up with vaccinations” page. 

Get rewards for staying on schedule 

As part of our Healthy Start program, you can get rewards for keeping up with your baby’s checkups. If you complete your child’s six checkups with their doctor by the time or before they turn 15 months old, you can get a $50 Target gift card.  

New moms, we want you to get the help you need, too. Our Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies program helps moms before and after childbirth. The program offers helpful information and chances to get rewards.  

If you are an Alliance member, you can get a printed version of the Infant Wellness Map that fits in your pocket! To get a printed copy, call the Alliance Health Education Line at 800-700-3874, ext. 5580. They are offered at no cost to Alliance members and can be mailed to you.  

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