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ECM/CS webinar, new populations of focus + pediatric best practices recording

ECM/CS: new webinar + new populations served in 2024

DHCS best practices webinar on Oct. 27

You’re invited to attend the first PATH Collaborative Planning and Implementation Best Practices Webinar on October 27, 2023 from 10 to 11 a.m.

The webinar will cover:

  • Engaging in peer-to-peer support.
  • Conducting an organizational self-assessment to determine organizational readiness for CalAIM participation.

Advance registration is required. Learn more on our website.

Two new populations of focus

As of January 1, 2024, two new populations of focus will be eligible for Enhanced Care Management and Community Supports (ECM/CS):

  1. Birth Equity (Black, American Indian and Alaska Native, and Pacific Islander pregnant and postpartum individuals).
  2. Adults and youth transitioning from incarceration (post-release services only).

ECM/CS in Mariposa and San Benito counties

As of January 1, 2024, ECM/CS services will also become available in Mariposa and San Benito counties. We will share more about available services soon.

Referring members to ECM/CS services

Providers or requesting entities may refer members to ECM and CS services using the following methods.

Provider Portal referral

Registered providers can log in to the Alliance Provider Portal to submit, inquire about, cancel or add information to existing referrals.

Online referral on our website

ECM referrals
CS referrals


Refer a member by calling 831-430-5512.

Submit a Treatment Authorization Request (TAR) form

Make sure to attach appropriate documentation. TAR forms can be submitted via:

For more information, please visit our ECM/CS webpage for providers.

Watch the Pediatric Best Practices Webinar

If you missed our Pediatric Best Practices Webinar or would like to watch it again, the recording is now available on our website!

Some highlights from the webinar include best practices in the following areas:

  • Child and adolescent well-care visits (3-21): Bright Futures schedule, AAP recommendations and billing/coding.
  • Lead screening: risk factors and lost IQ points.
  • Childhood immunizations (2 year olds): Catch up scheduling, vaccine hesitancy/parent refusal, immune compromised/contraindications and Provider Portal report.
  • Fluoride application/dental health and parent refusal.
  • Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) screenings: Coding risk, network of care and provider training and consortium.
  • General best practices for pre-visit planning/chart scrub, electronic health record (EHR) prompts, no-shows/Tetris scheduling, patient reminders/MyChart.
  • Alliance resources including Provider Portal quality reports, provider and member incentives, transportation services, translations/interpreting services and the Nurse Advice Line.

If you have questions about the webinar, please reach out to your Provider Relations Representative at 800-700-3874, ext. 5504.

You can find trainings for other areas, including ACEs, CalAIM, Enhanced Care Management, the Provider Portal and more on our provider Webinars and Training page.

You can also keep an eye out for upcoming events or submit an event to be posted on our website on our Provider Events Calendar page.