Free naloxone at Alliance offices


Alliance members can now pick up free doses of the life-saving drug, naloxone, at Alliance office locations.

Naloxone is now available in Alliance offices as part of the Naloxone Distribution Project (NDP). The goal of the NDP is to reduce opioid overdose deaths by providing free naloxone.

Your local Alliance offices are now giving out free naloxone in its nasal spray formula. Naloxone is available under the brand names of Narcan, Kloxxado and others. This life-saving drug can stop an opioid overdose when given right away. Since most opioid overdoses happen at home, having this drug on hand helps you to be sure you have the needed tools to respond to an opioid-related emergency.

Opioids such as heroin, fentanyl and prescription opioid medicines are very dangerous if not used the right way or if combined with other substances like alcohol. Naloxone has few known side effects and no potential for abuse. It is a simple but powerful tool to have with you.

How to use naloxone

If you think someone is having an overdose:

  • First, call 911.
  • Next, tilt the person’s head back.
  • Place the tip of the naloxone nasal spray in one nostril until your hand is touching the bottom of their nose.
  • Firmly press the plunger to push the drug into the person’s nose and wait 2-3 minutes for a response.

Remember, every second counts when someone overdoses. Having naloxone ready can save a life. Go to your closest Alliance office to pick up your free naloxone today.

For more information about how to use naloxone, view this fact sheet from the California State Board of Pharmacy. Your safety is most important!