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Enhanced Care Management (ECM) and Community Supports services coordinate both the clinical and non-clinical support for the highest need Medi-Cal members, providing cost-effective alternatives to covered Medi-Cal services.

ECM provides comprehensive care management and can assist members with finding community services related to their care. Community Supports (CS) are services designed to address health-related social needs of members, including assistance with secure housing or access to medically tailored meals. Assisting members with meeting their basic needs affords them the opportunity to be self-sustaining and work towards improving their health.

A recent example of a successful partnership with the Alliance ECM/CS program occurred in December when Merced County Community Action Agency (MCCAA) partnered with the ECM/CS program to help a member overcome barriers to obtaining housing.


Their combined efforts resulted in a life-changing experience for this member and many others who, like her, experience housing insecurity or other complex social and medical issues.

To support the mission of the ECM/CS program, we encourage all providers and community-based organizations to attend Providing Access and Transforming Health (PATH) meetings in their respective counties.

PATH Collaborative Planning and Implementation groups are composed of stakeholders in a county or region that work together to:

  • Provide Enhanced Care Management and Community Supports services.
  • Discuss and resolve implementation issues.
  • Identify how PATH and other CalAIM funding initiatives — including the CalAIM Incentive Payment Program (IPP) — may address gaps in program implementation and improve health outcomes for Medi-Cal members.

Please visit the PATH website to sign up or learn more.

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