COVID-19 Provider Newsletter | Issue 3

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In an effort to keep you up-to-date during this time, the Alliance is publishing a COVID-19 e-newsletter every Monday for our providers.

Update: Claims processing times

The Alliance remains committed to supporting our provider network and to providing superior service. We take seriously our commitment to maintaining mission critical functions – like timely payments – through any crisis. Therefore, we apologize for any inconvenience caused by recent delays in certain claims payments and want to assure providers that we are actively working to resolve the issue.

The Alliance works with an outside vendor to convert hardcopy claims data received through the mail into electronic data we can process in our operating system. Due to the impact of COVID-19 on our business partner, we have experienced delays in the processing of hardcopy claims. All claims payments received electronically are not impacted by this delay and are currently being processed on time.

This processing delay has affected hardcopy claims received mid-March through early-April and will likely result in some payment turnaround times extending beyond 30 days.

We have taken steps to resolve this situation and you can expect all payments from this time period to be resolved within the next 10 days.

What we’re doing:


  • Processing certain hardcopy claim types in-house.
  • Received commitment from the vendor that they will be staffed appropriately moving forward to ensure timely claims processing.


We do not anticipate any further delays, and you can expect claims submitted mid-April and beyond to be paid within our established time period of 30 days or less.

We apologize for any inconvenience this delay has caused and are working hard to ensure our workflow does not impact provider payments in the future. If you have any questions, the Claims department is here for you at 800-700-3874 ext. 5503.

Get who you need

We know that when you’re busy, the last thing you have time for is searching for the right person to reach at the Alliance. Below are key contacts to get you in touch with the right person, faster.

Contact Numbers Table

If you’re still not sure who to speak with about a particular issue, contact your Provider Relations Representative for assistance, 800-700-3874 ext. 5504.

Stress Relief Tools and Resources

COVID-19’s impact on our lives can lead to negative health outcomes, such as stress, in patients and providers alike. Below are resources and tools for health care providers to use as support for themselves, their teams and their patients during this stressful time.

Stress Relief Playbooks from the Office of the California Surgeon General:



The above resource material comes from the state’s COVID-19 website .

Recommendations for providers from the Department of Health Care Services to mitigate negative health outcomes:



The above resource material comes from the state’s COVID-19 website .

Webinar for providers as they respond to the stress caused by the COVID-19 emergency


  • Taking Care of Our Patients, Our Teams and Ourselves: Trauma-Informed Practices to Address Stress Related to COVID-19 is a webinar hosted by ACEs Aware, a statewide initiative to screen children and adults for Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in primary care and treat the impacts of toxic stress.


For more information, visit the ACEs Aware website, which includes a page with stress management resources for providers and their patients.

Got PPE?

If you or your staff needs Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), the Alliance has identified the following vendors to assist you:

Blue Door Pharma
Contact: Michael Butler
[email protected]


Project Graphics
Contact: 800-655-7311
[email protected]