COVID-19 Provider Newsletter | Issue 10

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The Alliance launches campaign encouraging vaccines and check-ups during COVID-19

Recognizing the vital role immunizations and routine check-ups play in maintaining overall health and wellness, the Alliance recently launched a targeted awareness campaign. The campaign urges people to check in with their doctor and keep up with vaccines, including the flu shot, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The campaign focuses on two core messages: “Check In, Check Up.” and “Save a Life. Get a Flu Shot.” To enhance overall awareness, the Alliance leveraged several communications channels, including op-ed articles in local newspapers, print and digital ads, radio interviews, public service announcements and social media. Additionally, the Alliance created flyers that providers are encouraged to share with their patients.

‘Check In, Check Up.’

“Check In, Check Up.” urges members to talk to their doctor about preventative care during COVID-19. Additionally, parents and caregivers are encouraged to contact their child’s pediatrician and ask whether their child is due for vaccines and well-child visits.

Materials also highlight the steps many doctors’ offices have taken to keep patients safe during COVID

To view and download the “Check In, Check Up.” flyer in English and Spanish, click here.

‘Save a Life. Get a Flu Shot.’

The second facet of the campaign, “Save a Life. Get a Flu Shot.,” launches in early October and places an enhanced emphasis on the flu shot. Messaging focuses on why it’s especially important for people to get vaccinated this year, unless their doctor recommends otherwise.

The awareness campaign informs people about protecting themselves and their families from a significant, potentially life-threatening respiratory virus. In addition, messaging urges members to get vaccinated to protect those who may be vulnerable to both COVID-19 and the flu and help save limited medical resources for COVID-19 patients.

To view and download the “Save a Life. Get a Flu Shot.” flyer in English, click here. Flyers in additional languages (Spanish and Hmong) will be added as those become available. In addition to the flyers, the Alliance is also promoting the campaign online through social media. If you think this campaign content is useful, consider liking us on Facebook and sharing the content with your followers.