Be on the alert for PG&E scams


Recently, many PG&E customers have reported scams by email and phone. People pretending to be from PG&E are telling customers that their utility meter needs to be replaced and demand payment right away to avoid a disconnection of services.

Protect yourself by being alert to the signs of a scam. Some important reminders of what PG&E will never do:

  • Threaten you that they will turn off your services if you don’t pay them right away.
  • Ask for any financial information over the phone or by email.
  • Tell you to pay with pre-paid debit cards or payment services like Zelle.

Not sure if a call is really from PG&E? Hang up and call PG&E directly at 833-500-SCAM or log into your www.pge.com account and confirm your account details and balance.

Learn the signs of a PG&E scam, as well as how to protect yourself. Visit PG&E’s website on how to guard against scams.

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