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If you have been following the news, you’ve probably seen articles about the potential for a large number of people to lose Medi-Cal coverage since the end of the continuous coverage requirement on April 1, 2023.

At the Alliance, we are communicating with and supporting members so that they can keep their Medi-Cal. Over 423,000 people across Merced, Monterey and Santa Cruz counties rely on Medi-Cal to receive accessible, quality health care. If you serve one or more of these communities, we need your help!

How we are communicating with members

To reach as many of our members as possible, the Alliance is conducting a media campaign including:

  • Interior signage in buses.
  • Flyers distributed to local schools.
  • Digital ads.
  • Facebook posts on our page.
  • A landing page and news post on our website.

We have been texting members directly to encourage them to update their contact information with their county. Members may also receive a call within 30 days of being disenrolled to remind them to complete the renewal process.

What you can do

Please help us get the word out about Medi-Cal renewals. Here’s what you can do:

  • Direct Medi-Cal members to contact their county’s Medi-Cal office to provide any updates to their name, mailing address, phone number, email address or other contact informationif it has changed.

The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) has already sent letters to Medi-Cal members to let them know how to renew their Medi-Cal health coverage. If members did not get a letter, they should contact their local Medi-Cal office right away.

  • Remind members to be on the lookout for a yellow envelope. All renewal packets are being sent in yellow envelopes for easy identification.
  • Please let Medi-Cal members know that they should be careful of renewal scams. We are letting community members know to only use trusted sources to apply for or renew Medi-Cal coverage. We have posted information about Medi-Cal scams on our website.
  • Distribute eligibility redetermination flyers to the Medi-Cal members you serve. These are available to print in English, Spanish and Hmong.

Thank you for supporting this important effort to ensure access to vital health care services in our community!

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