Provider Digest | Issue 44

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What to expect: Earn incentives for infant care + 2023 Provider Survey results

New map helps members stay on track with doctor visits

Share our new Infant Wellness Map with members, designed to help parents and guardians keep track of well-child visits and vaccinations for their baby!

This map lists all the checkups and vaccinations that babies from birth to 12 months need, in one convenient place.

Rewards for providers

With the Infant Wellness Map, we hope to make it easier for new parents and guardians to remember important appointments for their babies – and when members stay on track, providers can benefit too.

We offer financial incentives for provider practices who achieve vaccination and checkup rate benchmarks through our Care-Based Incentive (CBI) program. You can find details on specific measures, including tip sheets with best practices outlined, on our CBI page.

Rewards for members

Remind members that they can get rewards for staying on schedule, too!

As part of our Healthy Start program, members can get rewards for keeping up with their baby’s checkups. Through our Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies program, prenatal and postpartum mothers also have the chance to receive rewards and access additional resources.

How to get the map

Providers can request physical copies of the map to have in their offices by calling the Alliance Health Education Line at 800-700-3874, ext. 5580.

2023 Provider Survey results are now available

The annual Provider Satisfaction Survey results are in!  

In addition to assessing overall satisfaction with the Alliance, the survey measures provider satisfaction with access to urgent and routine care, Cultural and Linguistic Services and the Provider Portal.   

Key findings   

Below are some of the results from the primary care and specialty care provider surveys:   

  • 88% of providers across Merced, Monterey and Santa Cruz counties were satisfied with the Alliance.   
  • 95% of providers would recommend the Alliance to other physicians’ practices.  
  • 92% of providers were satisfied with the Provider Bulletin and website informational materials on Cultural and Linguistic Services.   
  • In all areas of core health plan operations, providers rated the Alliance at or above the 79th percentile compared to other health plans surveyed.  

How we use this data  

We will use this feedback to identify where we can improve and ensure our providers are satisfied with their experience at the Alliance. We also use your feedback to inform short-term and long-term initiatives.  

Thank you to the provider offices that made time to complete the survey! Please share your feedback during our next survey, which will go out to providers this summer.