Provider Digest | Issue 26

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Webinar registration + timely Medi-Cal updates, all in one place

Don’t forget to register! June 23 dementia webinar

Please join us for the Dementia Care Aware initiative’s next webinar.

Adapting the Cognitive Health Assessment for Adults Experiencing Homelessness
June 23, 2023, from 2 to 3 p.m. on Zoom

NEW! Access important Medi-Cal updates, all in one place

Now, you can find critical Medi-Cal plan updates on the All Plan Letters page of our website.

For each letter, we summarize the relevant provider takeaways and share links to any relevant Alliance policies.

Some recent All Plan Letter (APL) highlights include:

  • Skilled Nursing Facilities – Long Term Care Benefit Standardization and Transition of Members to Managed Care (DHCS APL 23-004).
  • Authorization for Post-Stabilization Care Services (DHCS APL 23-009).
  • Responsibilities for Behavioral Health Treatment Coverage for Members Under the Age of 21 (DHCS APL 23-010).
  • Treatment of Recoveries Made by the Managed Care Health Plan of Overpayments to Providers DHCS (APL 23-011).

If you have any questions, please contact your Provider Relations Representative at 800-700-3874, ext. 5504.