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The Alliance serves Mariposa and San Benito counties starting Jan. 1

In 1996, in partnership with local providers and community partners, the Alliance began providing Medi-Cal services for Santa Cruz County residents through the state’s County Organized Health System model. Nearly three decades later, the Alliance is proud to be a local ally in providing compassionate, trusted care to more than 418,000 members across Merced, Monterey and Santa Cruz counties.

On January 1, 2024, we will expand our Medi-Cal managed care services once again to approximately 28,000 beneficiaries in Mariposa and San Benito counties.  

The Alliance is pleased to bring our local health care expertise to Mariposa and San Benito County residents, ensuring quality care for Medi-Cal beneficiaries of all ages and stages of life. Expanding services to these two counties is a crucial step toward addressing health care disparities in these rural areas and working to ensure people live healthier lives as a result.

Of course, none of this is possible without strong community partnerships and an extensive local network of providers who share this vision. I’m pleased to say that the reception we have received from these communities has been warm and welcoming.

We have actively engaged with community leaders, health care partners and beneficiaries to further our understanding of the unique needs of these communities and residents. What’s more, we remain committed to maintaining a local presence through:

  • Staffing offices in Mariposa and San Benito counties for member walk-ins.
  • Hiring local provider relations staff.
  • Contracting with most local providers.

We are eager to cultivate additional community partnerships and have opportunities to participate in various commissions to spur dialogue. More information on these opportunities will be shared in future Alliance communications.

To ensure representation on our governing board, three new board members were recently appointed representing the new counties:

  • Tracey Belton, Health and Human Services Agency Director, San Benito County.
  • Ralph Armstrong, DO, FACOG, Hollister Women’s Health.
  • Eric Sergienko, MD, Public Health Officer, Mariposa County Health Services Division.

They join our new five county board along with board members representing Merced, Monterey and Santa Cruz counties.

Lastly, on behalf of the Alliance, I’d like to extend my sincerest appreciation to all our network providers and community partners across Mariposa, Merced, Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz counties. Your unmatched dedication and support ensure members receive timely access to care and are connected to community resources they need.

Warmest wishes for a healthy and peaceful holiday season.

Michael Schrader,

Note: Beginning January 1, most current Mariposa and San Benito Medi-Cal beneficiaries will automatically transition to the Alliance. Beneficiaries may also call Member Services at 800-700-3874 or visit our website for more information. Residents who are interested in learning if they qualify for Medi-Cal should contact their local enrollment agency.

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