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The Alliance Pharmacy Team would like to assist your organization in becoming a naloxone distribution site.  

The California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) has created a Naloxone Distribution Project (NDP) to combat opioid overdose-related deaths throughout California by providing free naloxone. Schools, universities, tribal entities, substance use recovery facilities, FQHC, community clinics and more are eligible to distribute naloxone.  

The Alliance now offers naloxone free of charge in our offices as part the NDP. Naloxone is also distributed in the community through specific outreach events.  

Participation in NDP is free!

How does the program work?  

NDP applicants can apply to receive naloxone by submitting an application via NDP online application form. Once your application is approved, DHCS will send nasal-spray naloxone directly to your site.   

You can access educational resources about naloxone at NARCAN.com 

How to get involved 

If you are interested in enrolling in the NDP and working with our pharmacy team to help fight opioid overdose-related deaths, please contact us at [email protected].  

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