Continuing Coverage


During the COVID-19 public health emergency (PHE), Medi-Cal members have been able to keep their coverage regardless of any changes in circumstances. However, once the COVID-19 PHE ends, counties will check if those with coverage still qualify for free or low-cost Medi-Cal.

To ensure continuation of coverage if still eligible, members should report any changes in circumstances to their local county office, including:

  • Changes to income, disability status, phone number or mailing address.
  • If someone in the household becomes pregnant or if someone moves in.
  • Any other changes that may affect Medi-Cal eligibility.

Members may receive a letter from the county asking for information about their Medi-Cal coverage. It is important that members provide the requested information.

Below is the contact information for each county office:

Cheeb Nroog Merced 

Lub Cheeb Nroog Merced Lub Chaw Ua Haujlwm Muab Kev Pab Rau Cov Pej Xeem
2115 West Wardrobe Avenue, Merced, CA 95341

Cheeb Nroog Monterey 

Lub Cheeb Nroog Monterey Lub Chaw Haujlwm Muab Kev Pab Rau Cov Pej Xeem
1000 South Main Street, Salinas, CA 93901

Cheeb Nroog Santa Cruz 

Lub Cheeb Nroog Santa Cruz Lub Chaw Ua Haujlwm Muab Kev Pab Rau Cov Pej Xeem (Human Services Department)
1020 Emeline Ave., Santa Cruz, CA 95060
18 W. Beach Street, Watsonville, CA 95076

The Alliance will be communicating to our members about eligibility redetermination via multiple channels, including our website, Facebook page, member newsletter and a flyer in English, Spanish and Hmong (coming soon).

We will share more details as we get them from the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS).

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