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Achieving equitable health care for our members is an integral part of our daily work at the Alliance. Our 2022-2026 Strategic Plan goals within Health Equity are to: 

  • Eliminate health disparities and achieve optimal health outcomes for children and youth. 
  • Increase member access to culturally and linguistically appropriate health care. 

Our Health Equity Booklet shares the high-level activities the Alliance is engaged in to work toward our goals. This content represents a snapshot in time of actions we’ve recently taken or plan to take, which include: 

  • Launch of a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging initiative within our Alliance workforce. 
  • Focused member incentives for routine care, including checkups and vaccines. 
  • Awareness campaigns to ensure members receive health care reminders and information at the right place and time. 
  • Member outreach and engagement through our Your Health Matters outreach program. 
  • Support for providers in their outreach to members who are most in need of care through enhanced data. 
  • Investment in the community through our Medi-Cal Capacity Grant Program. 
  • Addressing provider workforce shortages by actively supporting provider recruitment and retention efforts in under-resourced areas. 
  • Care-Based Incentive program for providers to improve performance in access, quality of care and care coordination. 
  • Cultural and linguistic support for members through interpreting and translation services. 
  • Provider training and support programs to promote equity in health care practices. 

As our activities evolve, we will continue to provide more information and dialogue around how we’re pursuing health equity for our members. 

View our Health Equity Booklet 

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