Fight food insecurity with healthy food resources


Food insecurity impacts a large part of our communities (65% of Monterey County, 55% of Merced County and 49% of Santa Cruz County). The Alliance seeks to address the big picture links between food security and health by funding community organizations through our Partners for Healthy Food Access Program. Additionally, our staff connects members to community-based organizations that distribute or help increase access to healthy food, such as CalFresh and local food banks.

While a common association with the holidays is a shared table packed with hearty food, this is not a reality for many families. With school out over the holidays, parents may need a little more assistance getting nutritious meals on the table. Please join us in helping educate community members about options for healthy food, which is a critical component of overall health.

Many Medi-Cal members may be able to qualify for CalFresh benefits to stretch their household food budget and add more fruits, vegetables and other nutritious foods to their diet. Additionally, local food banks can provide members with fresh food and help enrolling in CalFresh.

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Community Food Hotline
Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

Some tips that can help families connect healthy food with a healthy life:

  • Encourage community members to talk to their doctor about how food can affect their health, and how to help their kids create healthy eating habits early in life.
  • Promote local farmers markets as a fun family activity. Families who have CalFresh may be able to use Market Match to get extra money to spend while at the market

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