Help billing services understand Prop 56 payments

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The Alliance Claims Department is receiving a high volume of calls from provider offices’ billing services staff regarding Proposition 56 payments (Prop 56). Please share any of the following information with your billing services team as it is helpful.

Key points

As of July 19, 2022, the Alliance has made some changes to how Proposition 56 payments are sent out.

Previously, we sent out Prop 56 payments through a paper check and Remittance Advice (RA). They may have not been sent to billers to post to patient accounts.

Now, we outsource the payments to CHC/ECHO (our payer), and providers should receive payment and RA the same way as medical payments.

If providers receive an 835 payment, it will be electronically posted to the patient account and appear as an overpayment, causing confusion. However, this is not an overpayment.


If you have any questions about Proposition 56 payments, please contact the Alliance Claims Department at 800-700-3874, ext. 5503.