Provider Newsletter | Issue 24


It’s not too late to earn COVID-19 vaccine incentive payments

Lub Alliance Xaus nrog COVID! media campaign is well underway, encouraging members in areas with low vaccination rates to get their shot.

Members 5 years and older can get a $50 Target gift card for getting vaccinated, and there are also three ways that providers can earn incentive payments for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Note: The $25 provider payment per member vaccination and the $25 pharmacist payment per member vaccination have also been extended to include patients 5 years and older. You can maximize incentive payments by ensuring as many of your patients as possible receive the COVID-19 vaccine through Feb. 28, 2022.

Learn how your practice can participate on our COVID-19 page for providers.

See the chart below for Alliance member vaccination rates as of Nov. 16.

Percent of Alliance Members Fully Vaccinated (as of 11/16/21)
Merced 44.1%
Cheeb Nroog Monterey 59.3%
Cheeb Nroog Santa Cruz 63.7%

In order to fully address vaccine hesitancy and make progress, it is critical that providers have conversations with their patients and encourage them to get vaccinated.

If you have any questions, please contact our Provider Services team at 800-700-3874, ext. 5504.

Upcoming Medi-Cal Rx Trainings: Prior Authorization and Claims Submission

As of January 1, 2022, prescriptions for Medi-Cal members will be covered through the Medi-Cal Rx vendor, Magellan Medicaid Administration, Inc. Prescriptions will no longer be covered by the Alliance.

DHCS is providing training for pharmacy providers, prescribers and staff to help you prepare for the transition to Medi-Cal Rx. To help you navigate the transition process, DHCS has published a Pharmacy Training Checklist and a Prescriber Training Checklist, including step-by-step instructions and resources.

DHCS is offering five online trainings, including:

  • How to register and set up access in the Medi-Cal Rx web portal.
  • How to use the Medi-Cal Rx learning management system.
  • An overview of the Medi-Cal Rx transition, and how to use resources in the Medi-Cal Rx web portal.
  • How to use the Medi-Cal Rx secured portal to submit prior authorizations.
  • How to use the new Medi-Cal Rx Web Claims Submission system.

The Prior Authorizations Training and Medi-Cal Rx Web Claims Submission training should be available via online job aids and tutorials within the first week of December. Please note that in order to access these trainings, you need to be registered for the User Administration Console and have access to the Saba Learning Management System within the console.

For more information, visit the links below: