Funding opportunity: Street Outreach Program


Applications are due Dec. 19, 2022. Apply today!

As part of the Alliance’s participation in the Housing and Homelessness Incentive Program, the Alliance is currently seeking partnerships with Merced and Monterey County street outreach service providers.

In particular, we are seeking to fund street outreach providers with the capabilities to:

Applicants must:

  1. Have an active street outreach program.
  2. Be a member of a local continuum of care program (Cheeb Nroog Merced lossis Cheeb Nroog Monterey) or plan to become a member.
  3. Have the ability to initiate street outreach services in Merced or Monterey counties by no later than Feb. 1, 2023.
  4. Be able to follow street outreach best practices as outlined by the National Outreach Guidelines for Underserved Populations.

Estimated funding per organization is $300,000. However, final funding amounts may be higher or lower based on the number and quality of responses received, and ability to expand services identified.

For more information on eligibility and the application process, visit our website.

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