Evusheld™ can help protect immunocompromised people from COVID-19


There is a medicine that may help prevent immunocompromised people ages 12 years and older from getting COVID-19. “Immunocompromised” means that someone has a weakened immune system. 

The medicine is called Evusheld™. Evusheld™ is given in two injections and is recommended every six months. It is available at no cost to Alliance members.   

Who is Evusheld™ for?  

Evusheld™ is for people who have a higher risk for severe COVID-19 disease and complications. You can get Evusheld™ medication if you have not been exposed to COVID-19 recently and you: 

  • Are moderately to severely immunocompromised because of a medical condition.  
  • Cannot get a COVID-19 primary series or booster because you have a history of a severe reaction to COVID-19 vaccine(s) or COVID-19 vaccine ingredient(s).  
  • Have taken medicines or treatments that suppress the immune system.  

Who should not get Evusheld™?  

You may not be able to get the Evusheld™ treatment if you:  

  • Have allergies.  
  • Have a bleeding disorder.  
  • Have a low number of platelets.  
  • Have a history or risk of heart attack or stroke.  
  • Are pregnant or plan to become pregnant.  
  • Are breastfeeding. 


If you have an immunocompromising condition or are taking immunosuppressing treatment, contact your doctor to see if Evusheld™ is right for you.